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Decomposition Cleanup


Human Decomposition Cleanup in Dallas-Fort Worth & North Texas

biohazardDeath scene cleaning (unattended deaths, murders, suicides discovered after time has passed)

These are the most difficult and time consuming jobs.  Human body decomposition happens when a death has occurred and has not been discovered for some time.  Blood flow in the body ceases and begins to settle to the lowest points.  This is called lividity.  The body creates internal gasses, methane, hydrogen sulphide and ammonia, and will start to expand or bloat.  When the pressure becomes too great, the skin will rupture and then the body fluids are released at an accelerated rate.

The distance of actual body fluid contamination varies greatly, although the whole structure will be affected by odor.  Cases range from mild to quite severe and multiple factors make each one unique:

  • Vehicle decomposition or residence?
  • What was the condition of the property before death?  Unsanitary?
  • How much time passed before the body was discovered?
  • Ambient temperature and humidity?
  • Are flies and maggots present?
  • Did the deceased have any pets?
  • Amount of body fluids?
  • How bad is the odor?
  • Type of structure/what floor?

We approach unattended death and decomposition jobs differently than suicides or homicides, because the weight and liquidity of decomposing body fluids are so much different than blood alone.  Just as the reaction after death came in phases, we perform the cleanup in phases.  Odor control is the final process.  Contrary to what you may have heard, all the contents of the home do not have to be disposed of.  It is true that the offensive odor will permeate all porous objects (cloth, paper, carpet, etc.) in the residence, but with our instructions and techniques, most items can be cleaned and deodorized.

And as part of our services, at no charge, we will suit up a family representative with full personal protective equipment to enter the property if they choose to remove items or documents themselves.

If services are needed for any situation –  please call us @ 214-577-4551, phones are personally answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Frequently, we will verify with the investigating police department that the crime or trauma scene has been thoroughly examined and has been released for cleaning and remediation.

We strongly discourage any decomposition scene cleanup attempt by family, friends, or untrained persons due to

  • the tremendous psychological impact on one’s emotions and mental state
  • not having proper skills or tools
  • cross contamination
  • no access to blood borne pathogen personal protective equipment or other supplies
  • no knowledge or access to proper disposal of contaminated items
  • lack of construction knowledge and the ability to safely remove structurally affected areas
  • unknown possible diseases and/or biohazards

We DO ask that you

  • isolate affected area
  • keep people/pets away
  • call for cleanup as soon as possible
  • locate insurance policy information
  • see our Questions You May Have page

We understand that losing a loved one by any means is a very traumatic event; and we wish to lessen your burden by providing the most respectful, compassionate and affordable human decomposition / unattended death cleaning service in North Texas.

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Our Objectives For Each Job

  • Ease physical and mental stress
  • Properly clean and decontaminate affected area(s)
  • Charge fair and reasonable rates
  • Provide additional resources if needed

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