Odor Control and Removal in Dallas Ft Worth and North Texas

Bio-hazardous fluids can and often do produce strong and offensive odors that are generated by many sources and cannot be eliminated until the source is located and the residual fluids are removed or abated. Some contributors that may produce odors requiring abatement are: 

  • Homicide  
  • Gross Filth
  • Suicide   
  • Dead Animal
  • Decomposed Body 
  • Hoarding
  • Accident  
  • Smoke
  • Medical Bleed Out 
  • Urine
  • Large Blood Loss 
  • Feces
  • Distressed Property 
  • Rotting Food
  • Vehicle Homicide 
  • Vehicle Suicide

In many cases multiple causes of odor are present; and in consideration for the plan of action, we look at the source, type of structure and length of time odor has been there.  Odor will permeate porous items such as linens, curtains, newspaper, furniture, clothing, concrete, and drywall.  Heat and humidity are also major factors for rapid acceleration of odor transfer.  The smell will also get trapped in electronics, and HVAC systems. 

Odor removal is a process that takes time and expert knowledge and Crossroads has performed countless cases with a 100% success rate. Also, the entire contents of the home do not need to be discarded.   With our experience and techniques, most items can be cleaned and deodorized.

In tracking the fluids, it may be necessary to remove baseboards, wall sole plates and partial walls due to the ‘wicking up’ of liquids, especially in the case of human decomposition.  However, blood can have an extremely foul odor in cases of homicide, suicide, accidents and medical situations involving bleed outs or large volume blood loss.

We deal with each situation differently since each one is unique, and we carry two distinct compounds that aid in the detection of fluids not visible to the naked eye.  Crossroads Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning does not use ozone generators and strongly discourage the application for numerous reasons not to mention the expense.

If services are needed for any situation –  please call us @ 214-577-4551, phones are personally answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We strongly discourage any major odor control attempt by family, friends, or untrained persons due to

  • the tremendous psychological impact on one’s emotions and mental state
  • not having proper skills or tools
  • cross contamination
  • no access to blood borne pathogen personal protective equipment or other supplies
  • no knowledge or access to proper disposal of contaminated items
  • lack of construction knowledge and the ability to safely remove structurally affected areas
  • unknown possible diseases and/or biohazards

We DO ask that you

  • isolate affected area
  • keep people/pets away
  • call for cleanup as soon as possible
  • locate insurance policy information
  • see our Questions You May Have page

We understand that the presence of uncontrolled odor is a very traumatic event; and we wish to lessen your burden by providing the most respectful, compassionate and affordable cleaning service in North Texas.

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Our Objectives For Each Job

  • Ease physical and mental stress
  • Properly clean and decontaminate affected area(s)
  • Charge fair and reasonable rates
  • Provide additional resources if needed

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